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In an alternate universe similar but very much different from our world, the Soviet Union in the year 1948 with the technological power of Nikola Tesla spearheading its prowess has waged a dreadfully one-sided war with the powers of weakened wartorn Europe.  From the frigid icy hell of Siberia to the blazing heat of Spain, the Soviet Union has reigned supremacy over the armies of Europe with deadly energy weaponry and armor. United Europe's armies are being burnt to ash with the fire of lasers, and their bullets fall on flaccidly on the impenetrable tesla armor of each red soldier. Europe has one hope, however, a woman donning the iconic the look of Rosie the Riveter and bearing the arms of the unstoppable red enemy has stood in defiant resistance to the Soviet Empire as a commando and hero to the French Resistance army.  She brings hope for every mission successfully accomplished, the Soviet army themselves quaking in their boots striking at empty shadows in waste. Is it enough, however?  

I wanted to create a resistance character that would be a worthy challenge so I can practice and polish my skills. I wanted it to be a mix of organic, hair, hard surface, and clothing so I can show my versatility. I basically want to show my employers I can create anything that they ask and even if I do not know, I will dedicate myself to making something the studio and my employer will be proud of.

Another aim I wanted to go for in terms of design is that I want to make the character clearly iconic and look like it can belong in that time period as well as clearly looking like a resistance character. I hope my character clearly translates that. 

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/xeletalm

Twitter: https://twitter.com/MharkCudal

Email:  mhark.cudal101@gmail.com

Install instructions

For the Unreal Scene file, there should be a link to google drive containing the Winrar file for my scene. Please message me if there are any issues. Link to google drive below.



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